Tái cấu trúc doanh nghiệp trong bối cảnh hội nhập

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Huỳnh Thanh Điền (2016). "Tái cấu trúc doanh nghiệp trong bối cảnh hội nhập". Hội Thảo khoa học Quốc tế: Những tư tưởng kinh tế, quản trị hiện đại và khả năng vận dụng khi Việt Nam tham giá AEC và TPP. Đại học Kinh tế Luật, ĐH Nha Trang, ĐH Ngân hàng. NXB Đại học Quốc gia TPHCM.


Globalization with the new generation Free Trade Agreements deforming business climate and the operation of the chain economic sectors on a global scale will bring lot of risk, requires companies to restructure business activities to turn the challenges into opportunities. Research conducted surveys in typical enterprises and wide investigation in 6 key industries of Ho Chi Minh City to identify the signs of need of restruction in the context of integration.Research findings showed signs of need to restructure enterprises mainly concentrate in three groups of investment activities, production and distribution.

The optimal approach to corporate restructuring in the context of the integration is to take advantage of global links in the chain to ensure quality standards of goods to penetrate and expand business activities abroad; capacity and strengthen defense against the entry of foreign goods and enterprises through a chain link production stages with local businesses and form distribution network.